Are you experiencing subtle (yet BIG) shifts that are hard to explain?

YES - Tell me what they mean!


Things you used to think were weird or ‘out there’ are starting to interest you.



You’re feeling the need to connect with nature more than you have in the past.


You’ve been experiencing greater empathy and a ‘knowingness’ that comes from within.

The explanation for all the changes you've been experiencing?

You have begun the journey of



v. the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness

While leveling up in consciousness is a wonderful thing



You begin to question the social structures and dynamics around you.


When you consciously act out of alignment with your truth it has a more harsh and seemingly detrimental effect on your life.


Your friends and family may begin to feel foreign and unrelatable – isolation and loneliness may result.

The GOOD news? You are coming into greater alignment with your life purpose and soul’s desire.

The BEST news? You can drastically reduce the growing pains of ascension!

How you ask?

You can work with someone who has spent YEARS learning how to connect with our own divine intuitive guidance.

My name is Tory Travers and I am an Ascension Coach.

What that really means? I am here to teach you the necessary tools needed in order to connect with your OWN intuitive guidance.

I KNOW you have allll the answers you are seeking, encoded in your very DNA.

I’ll be sharing the tips, tricks, techniques, and SUPPORT that I wish I had known from the start of my spiritual awakening.

I don’t claim to be an enlightened master with the absolutely perfect solution to all of your problems.

We’re all different.

Which is why we work together to connect you with the ULTIMATE teacher – your own inner voice.

That way you will be able to raise and MAINTAIN your vibration! Leading to a heart-centered, abundant life of purpose and clarity.

How exactly will accessing your intuition enhance the quality of your life?



  • cycles of anxiety and depression
  • confusion and overwhelm
  • brain fog and scattered thinking
  • scarcity and judgement


  • purposeful joy
  • clarity and insight
  • flow state creativity
  • abundance and acceptance



  • illness & dis ease
  • aches & pains
  • lack of energy & motivation
  • sluggish toxicity


  • supreme health & wellness
  • joyous embodiment
  • endless vitality & motivation
  • vibrantly detoxed



  • isolation & separation
  • unfulfilled
  • longing
  • apathetic disbelief


  • connection & oneness
  • fulfilled
  • whole
  • optimistic faith

We have THREE bodies – physical, causal, and astral. Understanding that we are holistic beings allows us to nourish ALL THREE BODIES for optimum health & wellness.

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Find out how to access and heal the three bodies by connecting with your intuitive guidance system.

Check out what others are saying…

“Since meeting Tory, I have continually gained valuable life knowledge through each experience we share. Her radiant energy is contagious as it is heart warming. She has shown me unconditional love and acceptance. I feel empowered in her presence and met with inspiring new ideas.”

Allie W.

Boulder, CO

“Heal the Holistic Way has provided me with the tools and encouragement I need to determine, and align with my personal developement goals. I have known Tory for almost 2 years and in that time her gentle, kind guidance and comprehensive holistic knowledge has been essential to my healing and spiritual growth. She offers many tips and advice on maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul. As well as channeling inner energy in a positive way.”

Emily C.

Fort Collins, CO

“Tory is one of the most caring people I have ever met, always willing to lend a hand when in need. She is also very intelligent in many fields. Tory has helped me through some tough times. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone I know because she genuinely puts her heart and soul into the work she does to help you with whatever you are in need of.”

Nick. V.

Fort Collins, CO