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The Mission of Ascension Coaching

Heal the Holistic Way helps awakening individuals connect with their own divine intuition – in order to receive clarity, guidance, and abundance. All while simultaneously healing from past traumas, limiting beliefs, and fear.


v. The process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Tory Travers. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It was a blessing in disguise.

After declining treatment and choosing a more natural route of healing, I began questioning things, taking better care of myself, and tuning into my inner guidance. I realized not only was I healing, but I was also leveling up in consciousness. And it was pretty painful at times! After that experience, I see it as my life mission to share the tips, habits, and practices that have revolutionized my life for the better! With the aim to help people on their awakening journey – so that they can learn to connect with their intuition and align their energy for a more seamless and timely process. 

I don’t claim to be enlightened, nor do I have all of the answers.

However, I CAN help you strengthen the connection with your Higher Self. That way you can decide what is true, FOR YOU!

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