Spiritual Ascension Coach Reiki and Yogic Healer

I believe WELLNESS and ABUNDANCE is our natural state of being!

My services focus on aligning YOU with your HIGHEST SELF

The ONE fully intuned and energized with vital life force energy!

Our dreams are meant to be realized.

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For as long as I can remember, I have felt a deep desire to be of service to others.

I could feel the suffering of the planet, and I wanted to make it go away. How could I help others in a way that also fulfills my heart?

A Snippet of My Story

My ascension journey took off when I was 18-years-old, healing from a hospitalization and diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.

That experience led me on a quest of natural healing that involved extremely low (if any) side effects and risk.

As I learn how to heal myself, my spirituality naturally blooms. I’ve realized that each of us holds the key to our own health, happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure.

I have discovered healing and embodiment practices and teachings from a wide range of lineages.

Now I know I must share this knowledge!

Along with my story.

To help and empower people that are struggling with something I’ve also had to overcome.

To teach all that has worked for ME.

With the hope of helping YOU.

So WE can come together as ONE


My Unique Approach

Magic Daily Routines Built From Experience

Formal Education

I studied Chem & Bio Engineering in college, so I like to pull from scientific literature. I completed the 200-hour yoga teacher certification, which helps me understand how the bodymind works. I’ve also received the Reiki Master attunements, aiding in the understanding of energy.

Life Experience

I have spent countless hours doing research on my own terms. I’ve looked into many different disciplines and healing modalities. This led to my discovery of energy medicine, meditation, sound healing, various forms of divination, EFT, journaling, and so much more!

Strategic Action + Receptivity

My clients experience the best of both worlds. They receive the weekly support, information, and tools necessary to take actionable steps towards their goals. They also receive weekly reiki treatments to help work through the unconscious stagnant energy that may be held within their field.